Monday, February 13, 2012

Copy pasting draft posts.....

(All these are draft posts that i have collected over the last 3 - 4 weeks. Some started and stalled, some stalled at the heading stage and some stalled at the thought stage. I hate keeping drafts. So clearing those out)

A 5 year relation,or rather, this 5 year relation is gonna be very special for me. I think i can go ahead and have any number of sweethearts in my life, but time spent in this one, the comfort level, the joy, the fun, the milestones, the breaks, the 'others', the the kms clocked, all special, very special. Dear Tata Indigo LS (a.k.a Pappu!), its been a great 5 years!

The Indian team is in trouble in Aus and in Eng. No shame in losing, but being arrogant about its sucks. You will be back soon, i am sure.

I would be very surprised if the muslims in UP vote for Congress. Its the same bloody con act again and again. And they fall for it everytime. So, either they are too dumb or their votes are sold for some cash or other short term incentives. There doesnt seem to be any long term benefits for these guys.

Porngate - stupid people to be caught. It seems 40 other ppl were watching the same clips. But i would love to see how the moral high ground people would have reacted had the ministers been watching, say, a cricket match or TV soap. Because the issue isnt them watching porn, its them not paying attention to proceedings. And the manner in which our media went ballistic (the main stream media are anti BJP, pro Congress anyway,need an excuse), you would think thats a worse crime than murdering nurses or multi crore scams.

Rahul Gandhi for PM? Bullshit. There are many guesses about his intellingence, but i am sure he is smart enough (and well advised ) not to go down that path. Momma has shown the right way - head the NAC, let someone else be PM. You take credit, they take blame. And i'll reiterate - Priyanka Gandhi is going to be leading it for a long long time.... She is the real power....

Was a bit surprised to know other day that a newly married friend's wife has access to his FB account and cellphone. Was about to take that as a norm for married people, but second opinion from Silky stopped me. I think i have another pre-condition....., 'Thou shall not touch....'

Man, went shopping for kids stuff with Silky. Fatherhood's expensive in more ways than one! 7-10k for cradles! Baby seats for cars, 6-7k! Baby clothes, pregnant women clothes,this pump, that pump, what not! Phew! ( Silky is right, the rest of us will gain from his experience. The rate at which he is moving, he will have ample experience!)

5k tales is now 6k tales already.

(Thats all. Look like mini posts.)

i think with age, my attention spans are getting shorter.

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