Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Der aaye, drust aaye…….

Some things in life are always there, somewhere around, but for some reason you don't take notice. But when you do, its good fun, however late!

Calvin & Hobbes

I don't what i finally connected with here….. have known about Calvin and Hobbes for ages (have been read out some of the strips!) – maybe its the interaction with the imaginary friend (like 1 i had when i was 6) or the imagination of the kid making up an alternate story as something else is happening in the real world - especially when being fed or bathed or in school, or just the one line conclusions (eg. Reality continues to ruin my life). Something just clicked.

This one below is my fav of the ones i have read. I have a book if anyone wants to borrow.


Pink Floyd


It took a 40 sec video clip with the initial part of  “Coming back to life” playing in the background to make me aware of the group. (till then i thought Pink Floyd was 1 person like Bon Jovi). Glad i heard it. And to an insomniac, god gift. There is silence and then there is the sound leading to a state of mind called by many as psychedelic. Favs – Comfortably Numb, On the Turning away, Any colour you like, the great gig in the sky, coming back to life, Learning to fly….

I have further gone on to like some of Nirvana, Hendrix and Clapton songs as well.

Harry Potter and friends (and enemies!)

images 3

The movies, not the books. Yet. The books had bored me in the first few pages itself. And so for years i thought of them as childish. Then one day saw the first movie and well, they are still childish, but good.

The movies, i am told , are very watered down compared to the books, plus story has been modified as well it seems.And in the end, Voldemort dies very tamely. Our Mogambo had a more dignified death! But you got to give credit to the authors imagination, spun a very good yarn, very well connected with everything being linked to something else, all characters finely etched.

Liked the Prisoner of Azkaban best – time turner would have been a helpful app to have!!


suku said...

the books should get u interested too...but now after the movies...u might get confused!!

Anonymous said...

didnt care much for the potter bit ...but the rest of it is well...well said.