Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dard baantne se kam hota hain…..

I am pretty sure all of us have, at some point of time, pulled out a nail from wood.


Not always with the right tools as well.Rulers, pens bare hands, compass? Same old method. Dig out a bit of it. Dig out some wood around the nail. Scratch the surface around, hold on tightly from one side. Give some leverage and pull!!

Tooth extraction is exactly like that.

Thank god for local anaesthesia (and maybe the little prayer i said before the procedure started), i did not really feel much of it. But i heard it all. The digging, the scratching, the leverage, the pull. And then i saw the tooth being discarded.

But once the anaesthesia wore off, the injections in the jaw to administer the anaesthesia started hurting. And has been hurting since. And now, next step would be to put in a replacement tooth……

Something like hammering a nail into wood……

Not exactly. But you get the point. And once that is done, the other tooth root canal will start. My teeth are so screwed!

And what's worse is that the teeth trouble came at a lousy point of time. March. Taxes. On Saturday, i couldn't make out what hurt more – tooth or taxes!

Anyway, sad part is, both these things have combined and taken my economic situation back to square one 1 – in the RED! So camera and /or phone plans shelved. Vo to door ki baat hain, some books i had to buy have been postponed.

On, what may or may not be, a related note, i heard the original of “I’ll survive” the other day. Nice song.

I’ll survive. Guess all do.

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