Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stuff i worry about at night....

Early this week, Indian Express printed a report saying the government was spooked because some units of the army headed towards Delhi one night a few months back. Alarmist and stupid are some words that have been used to describe the report. Highlights mistrust and lack of communication between government and armed forces and all that. (I can only hope no one gets spooked when i head to Delhi next week. If at all, i hope there is co-operation, free flow of information, analysis and report writing!!)

But it is just plain politics. I tend to agree with a DNA article other day that implied its MMS making his chair safe with such leaks and like. A very good profile of MMS in Caravan magazine presents you the facts of how he has behaved under different leaders and times - Indira Gandhi, Emergency, Narsimha Rao, Sikh riots, Rajiv Gandhi, Janta Government, Nationalisation, Globalisation and all that. And it lets you decide about him. Read. (Read Caravan anyway, good stuff)

My dental treatment is postponed because of this Delhi trip. So i'll be seen with a broken tooth at Akash's wedding. But having done the full payment in advance, i am sure i'll get it completed. Unlike last time, when i told the dentist "shaam ko aata hu" and showed up last friday, a good 2 years later.

I have been thinking what gifts i have recieved from family, friends, colleagues, clients and relatives over the years. Not much. On an unrelated note, i quite liked the black Nokia Lumia 710 that Baba has bought...good bargain at 15k. Despite the touchscreen.

I was telling someone other day, between the core 5 TA members, we have now covered most of the world. Me - India. Akash - Africa. Clinton - Europe, Australia, US. Silky - Middle East. All of us have been to SE Asia. And Baba lords over Thane now!

How expensive will Brazil be? Looks like a place worth going. (not just the beaches, loads of other things too shown on TV).

Just no good movies nowadays. And no company either.

I am considering selling of bike. Poor thing just stands for many days and battery is discharged. No kick start is a pain. Might as well have someone use it properly. Know anyone intrested? Good condition, needs usage.

I say project management is same as people management. Some disagree.

Why do people look at cricket as Test/ODI/T20. Its bat v/s ball. Skill set v/s skill set. Equal fun in any format.

Been trying to put together a list of 50 things to do before i die. 7 of the 13 listed so far are cricket related. 3 cars related. 3 travel related.

I think one of the things i ought to add is a non-medicinal, non-harmful, non-addictive solution to insomnia.


Mahesh said...

ekdum harsha bhogle sarkha mhatla tu.. test/odi/T20, International/IPL are all cricket - all fun.
But like all things, you can rate them in order of 'how much' fun. Like you might like CCD Devil's Own more than the Barista equivalent. has that ever stopped you from going to Barista?
So, my personal take is that I like most cricket, but there is an order of priority - Tests - ODI - T20. International -IPL - County.

Rachit Tiwari said...

Yes. but that did not stop us from following the minnows in the WC or the Pakistan minor league cricket :)