Friday, April 27, 2012

Hereos do fall.....

By himself, Sachin has all the rights in the world to become what he wants to, if and when he retires from active cricket. Even if he wants to join, as the Big B once called it, the cesspool of politics.

But he should not accept the Rajya Sabha nomination offered to him by the Congress party. If it has been offered in the first place that is. Because i am dead sure he is just a pawn to distract attention. To attract his followers for votes to Congress. And i am somehow not convinced that this decision coming up on a day when Congress was getting screwed all over is a mere co-incidence.

In an ideal world, Tendulkar will come out tomorrow in a blazing press conference and make it clear he is not in the fray, its all a frame -up , speculation and so on.

A long time back, i had told a friend 'heroes do fall' when she suspected a particular person she idolised was acting a bit different.

I hope my hero doesnt fall.

It's not an ideal world.


Mahesh said...

By now, the news is ofcourse confirmed. And the hero has fallen. The only solace is that he does not have great shoes to fill - none of hte earlier nominees to RS have accomplished anything noteworthy to my knowledge. And he has an extremely smart wife to guide him through. So even if all of his INR 12 cr MP budgert over the 6 year term go to Apnalaya (run by his mil), that still is ok by me.

Rachit Tiwari said...

and isnt that the problem? he now enters as a independent or whatever, Apnalaya gets a lot of favours and SRT wll have to repay at election time. Imagine a congress poster with massive cutouts of SG and RG along with smaller photos of SRT, MMS and local nalla leaders.