Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving on …….

Its overrated.

Honestly, people give a lot of talk about how miserable one is, how they keep thinking of the good times spent together, how you are missed in certain situations, look back fondly at the fights and all that. But believe me,  it all blah blah.

Once you decide that you have to move on, and you clear about the reasons of why you have to move on, its pretty easy actually.

Look at me, i have seamlessly moved from loving my bike to loving my car :)

Once i realised i am spending more on service than petrol, how am unlikely to use the bike for long distances and durations and someone could actually use the bike which is fairly well maintained (and i could always do with the money), it was an easy decision to sell the bike off.

Sure we had a good run, good fun, quick, efficient and at times gave the “Feel like God” feeling. Sure we had some fights too. All documented here, here, here, here,here & here. If you read all that, you may noticed not much happened in last couple of years, more so ever since she came into my life. 

Anyway, anyone wants to buy an Avenger? or know anyone who might be interested? Check Ad

On an unrelated note maybe, how do the XUV 500 and Fortuner compare? " Smile with tongue out

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