Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blah blah and some more…….

Yes yes, i am mean cynical arrogant and all that, and so i hate Satyameve Jayate. I should be appreciating Aamir Khan is at least doing something compared to me who is doing nothing!!! So I am a bad guy. Apparently doing something, useless or not, is better than doing nothing. Even if the facts are questionable (53% kids in India have suffered sexual abuse, as per SMJ. So, 1 in every 2 persons reading this post? Any cross checks? No).This is where Aamir Khan's marketing wins. Raise alarm, bring in emotional angle, a song, pocket 3 crs, go home. I hope you are all crying buckets. What's the cause this week?

My bike is sold. That doesn't mean I'll feeling like God.Its a permanently installed feature. Inshallah, someday in the future I'll own a Triumph – Bonneville is good, but Rocket III Roadster pe dil aaya hai. Hmmmmm, that future is far away though.

Its the immediate future that is a bigger problem. But they tell me its normal when you are closer to 30.

IPL this year was simply amazing. Took up most of my last 2 months evenings. If someone tells me tomorrow, he fixed the entire thing, I'll congratulate him on the beauty of his script and implementation. Some people say the last few games were fixed in order to allow Chennai Super Kings win IPL again. So that means DD, MI and RCB all lost on purpose?? Which is plain stupid, considering MI can buy entire IPL, ICL and also SLC, WICB and PCB for that matter. Why wouldn't they fix and win if that option is available. You know, as a gift to Sachin Tendulkar.

Anyone found it funny that 2 married TA members went on a bike trip and the others sitting at home??

I haven't seen a movie since March. Once upon a time i could just walk upto a theatre and watch a movie alone. Not any longer. And now that all are busy or away, no company for movies. At least need to catch Vicky Donor, Ishaqzaade, Avengers maybe. Any others?

Any new books? I was thinking of the book by B.Raman on Indian intelligence agencies. No cricket books coming up, expect Rahul Dravid to come up with something. When is the 3rd Meluha book expected? Hope it doesn't disappoint, these series books run that risk. Ashok Banker's Ramayana series was like that, after a promising start, it was as if he was bored to death to write more.

In my last company,  I used to feel a bit lethargic and attributed it to weight gain. Haven't lost much since then, but i can confirm this –body and mind are not lethargic anymore. Nice work, good clients, interesting studies, challenging stuff at times, better time – work load management and life's good actually.

Plus the car is about to reach 10k kms. She seems to be a loud nowadays so i just stopped at the local garage, the guy says "normal awaaz hain, sound proofing check karalo". I say, "aisa kharab to nahi hona chahiye, pehle to itni awaz nahi aati thi." He says, "sahab nai biwi awaz nahi karti, poorani hone pe jaan kha jaati hain!"

Long time back, a bike mechanic had made a similar comparison – how behaviour changes once we are past the virgin stage! (was it Doc who said this? Don't remember. Getting old)

Anyway, old men need to sleep. At least try to. Important day tomorrow. IPL 5 final.

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