Monday, June 4, 2012

Weighty problems....

I may have mentioned in last post that i felt a lot lethargic in prev company and how that bit isnt connected to weight gain. As it turns out, it may have been connected, cos i am still 10-12 kgs more than what i should be and i was a lot more heavier then than now. All the occasional walks, better eating routine, trips to Delhi and Amritsar in the summers and moving away from a staple diet of tea, butter biscuits, vada pav, sandwiches and lunch has helped.

My company has got some Healthcare company to make a health plan for all senior pesonnel, customised. (they actually believe we are going to follow that thing). Anyway, so a part of that, i had to undergo a medical test. All manners of liquids, X-ray, ECG, Stress test and all that. After all the tests and analyisis of charts and leaving me half dead with the stress tests and all that, the rocket scientist doctor observed

"you are overweight"

"i know that, i am fat, not blind"
(was that rude? i was pissed. Hungry since morning, skip work, walking about in the sun, all that chest shaving, leads sticking and walking on the treadmill and he concluded what i can by walking up 2 flights of stairs!)

Anyway, so he tells me, i tired quicky (buddhe bhi itni jaldi nahi thakte) but i recovered quick enough. Now, but may not be able to do so in a few years. Basically he means i am a few years away from a heart attack (unless i follow the health plan or my liver gives way first :P )

I am sure mom will have her own plan. After all, moms knows best! Even better than that company! What do they know of healthcare, who only healthcare know?!

I also have a plan. Earn so much money, that no one gives a fuck about my weight. Like that Ram Kapoor in that TV series.

Lets see. Another brilliant plan!!! I think i should again register for the 2013 mumbai marathon and train for it. Good idea,no? :P

On the brighter side, my teeth are nice and fine now. 2 years of pain, 2 months of treatment, 10k expense. I dont think any problem of mine is solved without high expenditure, weather i like it or not.

As you can see, nothing can be done about insomnia.

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