Sunday, January 9, 2011

....And here's why we listen.

When I was 13 or 14, I was tall and lanky. Athletic. Actually used to be the fastest runner in my colony and till this date, they call me 'ghoda'. It was only when i was 16 om 17 that i started gaining weight and wasnt any longer athletic.

But when i was 13, India had hardly any fast bowlers. Kapil Dev had just retired,Javagal Srinath was toiling on and there was some support from (supposedly) quicks like V.Prasad, Manoj Prabhakar, V.Kumaran, Tinu Yohhann, Debashish Mohanty and someone called David Johnson i think. But generally we had no fast bowlers.

At that time, there was no concept of IPL or ICL too. The era of paying the cricketers well had just started. Apart from the top players, most were dependent on a job or family for existing. A government provided flat would help if you are a stalwart, and if you are respected one, yoou would be allocated one 'benefit match' where a part of the proceedings from a certain match would be given to you. The advent of Sachin Tendulkar and commercialisation lead to players being paid better. By the 2000s, any player who played a few seasons of the Ranji Trophy would have sufficient for a lifetime, if not squandered. Then came IPL etc and we all know how well these guys are paid. Today, the IPL 4 auctions took place and moderate talents like Ravindra Jadeja, Manoj Tiwari, Aaron Finch got contracts in crores for the next 3 years. Lets not even talk about the big guns.... With my current job profile and education and all that, its unlikely I am earning anything like that anytime soon.

One of my more tiresome uncles arranges a family get together once a year. Uncles, aunts, cousins and so on meet up and fawn over you - kitna bada ho gaya hain....!
In the year when I was 13, when i was tall and active, i went to such an event and then went for a game of cricket with his friends and whacked thier best bowlers for boundaries. One of my uncles got the idea that I should start training to be a fast bowler and develop into an allrounder. He actually wanted me to be a fast bowler, cause in India we produce batsman by the assembly line. He was sure there will be a need for one in the future and i was at the perfect age to gain the talent and I should go ahead make the best of the height and athleticism God has given me. All other uncles agreed. Even dad nodded and mom agreed.

For some reason, i did not listen to them.

If I had, there is a chance I would have been rolling in money today. If not as IPL player, then maybe as coach, commentator, anchor, county, Ranji or some senior league player. Maybe even a reporter like Derek Pringle.Because cricket is no longer just a sport. Its a proffession.
But I did not and see where I am.

There is a chance i would have failed as a cricketer. But lets be optimistic for arguements sake.
The point is
when they say you should always listen. They have nothing but thought of your good in their heart. Believe it or not.

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akash.Ingle said...

Aisi Bahut si Baatein Hongi... So past ki tokri mat tatolo aur aage dekho...All the best...