Monday, January 10, 2011

Change is here again....

Dunno if for better or worse. But decided its time to brighten up the blog a bit. But just dont like anything beyond black,white, silver or grey!

Still changed the layout a bit - just swapped places! Font is uniform now, the posts read most in the last 30 days are displayed as against 7 earlier, labels are in alphabetical order. I know you can see all this but i think i need to keep my mind occupied when I just cannot sleep. Hence putting up a post.

Which, by the way, is easier now. I can just send an email and bingo! So i can type out things on my phone and send ( as i am doing with this one) from anywhere - bus, flight, airport, client meet, office or the loo!

In a show of increased confidence have added a feedback tab and a share tab. So if you like it without having anything really to comment, just tick! Feel like sharing, share. These are on trial basis though.

Feedback welcome.

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Anonymous said...

WTF is this? Thank god designing is not you primary matter how many hours u put into this...maybe u shud have had some coffee while redesigning :(

Rachit Tiwari said...

I took about 10 mins :) just wanted to invert the colour, doing away with the dark colours from the past...